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Jenn Nala has written several articles for various magazines and independent artists. We believe highly in her talent and have decided to sponsor her. She has a Google Play Application available and a highly responsive website optimized for iPhone users. Her journal entries are consitantly shared through our networks. Whether you are looking for something to read or looking for an article written about you it’s time to visit or grab the Jenn Nala Journals Google Play App.

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Taz Says…


  New FREE game challenge from Bronx, New York Hip-Hop Artist Taz Mula Money. Complete the most pattern combinations and score on the Google Play Leaderboard. There are 5 Achievements Available! Can you get them all, and maintain the Top Performer on the Leaderboard? Taz Says give it a try today! 

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New Community App


We’ve expanded our network to an Android App. Don’t worry iPhone users yours is on the way, but our website is still responsive for your iOS product. Some ask why create a “social website”, and we responded why not! We can so we did. Now why is ours different? We may not be major like Facebook,  


Twitter, Instagram, or Soundcloud but we took some of the best sharing options, and tied them into ours. We want to continue assisting artists #GetNoticed, so we will be sharing from our networks to all the Major networks through our accounts. It’s time to #GetIncdUp today!

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Taz Mula Money Press Kit

Taz Mula Money 
Hip Hop / Rap
Bronx, NY
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Facebook Likes: 880
Twitter Followers: 396
Youtube Followers: 75
Taz Mula Money sounds like WaleGhostface Killah, and Method man.


Check out ASCAP recording artist Taz Mula Money. Please click “View Press Kit” to listen to samples of new music, view photos and more. If you would like to follow up, you may reply directly to this email or click the “Contact” button from the press kit. Thanks!

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